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Science on Trial

Recalibrating the Scales of Justice

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Science on Trial, Inc. is a multifaceted, advanced biotechnology, and high expertise forensic science consultation company. We aim to meet the needs of the legal profession in the necessary inclusion of complex scientific evidence in the criminal justice system.  


Science on Trial, (SoT) was founded by Sarrita Adams, a University of Cambridge educated translational scientist who has applied her expertise in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and human diseases to an assortment of complex academic, industry and clinical medicine challenges. After spending seven years advising biotech startups and developing novel treatments for patient’s with rare incurable diseases, Sarrita embarked on her toughest challenge yet; attempting to improve the scientific standard in the criminal justice system.


Based in San Francisco, California, and with roots in the UK, SoT provides forensic consultation services to prosecution and defense legal teams, throughout the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.  Recognizing the profound implications of flawed science, we undertake comprehensive reviews of scientific evidence in cases even before they reach the courtroom. Our team of scientific consultants hold degrees from top tier universities in both the USA and UK, ensuring only the highest caliber for our clients.  Beyond our educational achievements we bring a diversity of scientific expertise from academia, biotech, and medicine.  By fusing our diverse scientific expertise we ensure that scientific integrity is the backbone of your legal case. This proactive approach aims to eliminate the potential introduction of unreliable or irrelevant scientific evidence while identifying areas for further investigation to bolster your case.

We provide full consultation services in the evaluation of forensic science in criminal and medicolegal malpractice cases, both pre-trial and post-conviction.  We can also advise you during your trial, ensuring that the best scientific argument is advanced in the moments that matter the most. Our meticulous pre-trial evaluations of forensic evidence serve to ensure that the scientific basis for your case is robust and reliable.  By specializing in the scientific review of potential wrongful convictions we can assist in full case reviews of the scientific evidence for appellate action. This work is vitally important in identifying new or overlooked evidence that may mean the difference between a life behind bars and exoneration.

In addition to our case reviews we provide comprehensive and bespoke education programs for legal professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to critically assess, challenge, and effectively use scientific evidence in court.  We are currently developing an interactive seminar series that aims to equip legal professionals with a robust understanding of scientific methodologies and their correct application. By fostering a better understanding between the realms of science and law, we hope to minimize the chances of misinterpretation and misuse of scientific evidence.


Finally, as scientists we recognize that our work is only as good as the tools of exploration.  That is why we are rapidly advancing through the research and development phase of our Forensic Biotech Tools (FBT) platform.  This work is the core of SoT, as we believe that it is through the creation of pioneering forensic biology kits that we can have the greatest impact in the criminal justice system.   We have already designed theoretical models, in the first in a series, of innovative forensic science tools, which will improve and advance the autopsy process.  Our tools will utilize a multitude of molecular biology techniques integrated with empirical data on biomarkers of human disease.  By applying complex statistical analysis, combined with data analytics, and machine learning principles, our tools will standardize and improve the accuracy of cause of death investigations, reinforcing our commitment to justice by preventing wrongful convictions and accurately identifying criminal conduct.

Mission Overview
Justice meets Scientific Rigour

In an era where science and technology have become central to our daily lives, the intersection of science with the criminal justice system is more important than ever. Enter Science on Trial, a pioneering company dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific rigour and the quest for justice.


At Science on Trial, our mission is simple yet profound: to improve the usage and interpretation of scientific evidence within the criminal justice system, ensuring a fair and just outcome for all involved. With the belief that both the defence and prosecution sides of the system deserve the highest level of scientific expertise, we operate internationally, stepping in wherever there is a pronounced need for scientific insight.


Recognising that the stakes are high, we are forging strategic alliances with both prosecutorial bodies and defence teams in the US and the UK. Our primary aim is to conduct thorough scientific reviews of cases even before they're referred for prosecution. By doing so, we not only evaluate the reliability of scientific claims but also provide insights into how to enhance the credibility of such evidence in trials.


Yet, our services extend beyond the pre-trial phase. For cases that advance to trial, we provide comprehensive support to defence teams. From coordinating with expert witnesses to offering consultation based on the bedrock principles of scientific research and investigation, we stand as a beacon of objectivity and rigor, defending the rights of all involved in the justice system.


Our expertise is both wide-ranging and specialised. Whether it's in-depth medical reviews, DNA and molecular analysis, or the intricate realm of web/internet analytics, we collaborate with seasoned experts in various fields to set a gold standard in the utilization of science within the justice system.


Beyond our direct involvement with active or past criminal cases, our commitment to justice also drives us to support appeals campaigns. Here, we critically assess the scientific reasoning and evidence used during trials.


While our core work seeks to prevent cases from reaching court without exhaustive scientific examination, our doors remain open to past cases as well. We are committed to shining a light on potential miscarriages of justice, irrespective of the magnitude of scientific evidence initially presented.


In the intricate dance of science and justice, Science on Trial is the steadfast partner ensuring each step is taken with precision, integrity, and a commitment to truth. Together, we can redefine the future of justice with the power of science.

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