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Applying to Intervene

Science on Trial (SoT) recognises the profound public interest in ensuring that scientific evidence used in criminal prosecutions meets a basic standard of reliability. In the case of Lucy Letby, who is appealing her case, SoT has identified significant concerns regarding the scientific evidence presented during the original trial. If the scientific evidence presented by the expert witnesses was flawed, misrepresented, or misinterpreted, this not only has dire consequences for the Ms Letby but also undermines public trust in the justice system and sets a dangerous precedent for future cases.

Given these stakes, SoT intends to apply for permission to intervene in the Lucy Letby appeal. The application process is multifaceted and rigorous. It involves submitting a written request to the Court of Appeal, clearly outlining who SoT is, the expertise it brings, and why its involvement is in the public interest. SoT will need to demonstrate how its input could contribute to the court’s understanding or handling of the case, without overstepping the boundaries into advocacy for one side.

This intervention is not about taking sides. It's about upholding the integrity of science and the justice system. It’s about ensuring that when someone's freedom, reputation, and life are on the line, the evidence against them is robust, reliable, and presented by individuals who have the requisite expertise. It is about maintaining the public’s confidence that scientific evidence used in court is of the highest standard and that individuals are neither wrongfully convicted nor acquitted based on flawed science.


Should the Court of Appeal grant SoT permission to intervene, SoT could provide written submissions or even, if the court allows, participate in oral arguments. These contributions won't repeat arguments from the appealing party but will provide additional, nuanced insight into the scientific aspects of the case, helping the judges understand the complexities and potential implications of the scientific evidence they must consider.

SoT has obtained expert witnesses who can assess the scientific analysis already performed and contribute to the overall submissions to be submitted to the court. We are in the process of identifying counsel who can represent us in the Intervention.

Funding SoT's Intervention 

Intervening in cases like Lucy Letby's requires significant resources and funding. Your donation to Science on Trial can help cover legal fees, court costs, and other expenses necessary for a successful intervention. We appreciate any amount you can contribute to support our efforts.

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