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Join us in making a stand to ensure that scientific evidence is used appropriately in the criminal justice system. As individuals, our voices may be small, but together we have the power to create change. Sign our open letter, by completing the form below, to show your support for the ongoing Lucy Letby Appeal Campaign and help draw attention to the concerns that have been identified in her trial.  This letter will be used to alert politicians, stakeholders, and public figures to our collective belief that the science used to convict Lucy Letby was not robust nor reliable.

September 2023r

Open Letter Regarding the Conviction of Lucy Letby
Concerns Over the Application of Science in Legal Proceedings

To Whom It May Concern,

We, the undersigned, write this open letter as a collective of medical professionals, scientists, legal professionals, and other concerned citizens, with deep reservations regarding the recent conviction of neonatal nurse, Lucy Letby, in August 2023.

Our intent is not to detract from the severity of Ms. Letby's convictions, nor to diminish the profound suffering of the affected families. Rather, our objective is to emphasise our concern over what appears to be an inadequate application and interpretation of scientific evidence in this case.

Several points have raised concerns in our community:

  • Flaws in Evidence Presentation: The evidence presented at the trial appeared to have basic flaws. Robust scientific analyses ensure that all possible explanations are accounted for, thus guaranteeing a fair and comprehensive examination. It is vital that evidence, especially in cases of such significance, is unassailable in its methodology and interpretation.

  • Lack of Alternative Diagnoses Consideration: The defence seemed not to adequately consider or present potential alternative diagnoses. Given that the domain of neonatal care is intricate and layered with numerous complexities, a thorough exploration of all possible causes and factors is paramount.

  • Potential Absence of Objective Scientific Analysis: The jury, to the best of our understanding, may not have been exposed to a wholly objective scientific assessment of the evidence. Such oversight can inadvertently tip the scales of justice, leading to potential miscarriages.

Beyond this specific case, this raises a broader concern. Our legal system, robust though it may be, occasionally struggles with complex scientific cases. The nuances of scientific theories, research methodologies, and medical practices can be challenging for judges, lawyers, and jury members to comprehend fully.

It is essential to acknowledge that the intersection of science and law demands a delicate balance. Both realms have their intricacies, and the weight of their convergence can shape lives irrevocably. When there is even a hint of a lapse in ensuring the most stringent standards, we owe it to all parties involved - and to the integrity of both professions - to take a step back and reassess.

A potentially unsafe conviction doesn't just impact Ms. Letby; it sets a concerning precedent, one which could unjustly place other medical professionals under suspicion.

Therefore, we respectfully urge a thorough review of the case and the evidence presented, ensuring that justice is served with the precision and integrity that our system is designed to uphold.

Yours sincerely,

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