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The intersection of science and law is more than just a meeting of disciplines; it's a vital collaboration that safeguards the very principles of justice.  Science on Trial stands as a bulwark against miscarriages of justice. Our dedication lies in ensuring that scientific expertise continues to serve as a lighthouse for truth, often in situations where the stakes couldn't be higher.


Our ambition to broaden our scope and take on more cases is tethered to a critical factor: financial resources.

Each case we undertake is a substantial endeavour, demanding not only a wealth of time but also specific expertise and sophisticated tools. The scientific re-evaluation process involves numerous stages, from the extensive review of case files and medical or forensic data to possibly re-running tests and simulations, consulting with top-tier experts, and preparing comprehensive reports. Each stage incurs costs — costs that are currently a limiting factor in the number of cases we can responsibly commit to.


Moreover, the complexity of the cases we seek to take on often requires input from highly specialised experts across various scientific disciplines. Engaging with these professionals, many of whom are leaders in their fields, necessitates a financial commitment commensurate with the critical insights they offer. Beyond human resources, maintaining, upgrading, and operating advanced technological equipment for data analysis also represents a significant financial undertaking.

We stand before our community, transparent in our mission and our needs. To continue this journey, to ensure justice is upheld, and to expand our reach to assist more individuals and families seeking truth and exoneration, Science on Trial requires a stable financial foundation, we have already committed considerable finances over the last six months and we endeavour to expand our for-profit initiatives to subsidise our case reviews.  However, we cannot undertake this significant commitment on our own. By obtaining community  support we will be able to sustain our current operations and proactively extend our services to many more who find themselves entangled in legal battles where science is in question.

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Please Note: Donations are strictly for the SoT non-profit activities relating to the scientific review of unsafe convictions
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