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Our Protocol: Blueprint for Forensic Excellence 

At Science on Trial, we are committed to delivering excellence in the review of scientific evidence used in criminal cases. Our meticulous and comprehensive approach is designed to ensure the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and legal admissibility. Our protocol, developed by a team of seasoned scientists and legal professionals, encompasses a series of detailed and methodical steps that underscore our commitment to scientific integrity and legal robustness.

Review of Life Sciences Evidence in Clinical Cases 2_edited.jpg

Our protocol is the backbone of our operations, ensuring that every case we handle meets the stringent demands of scientific scrutiny and legal inquiry. From initial case assessment to the final stages of reporting and expert testimony, each phase of our approach is carefully crafted to provide clarity, thoroughness, and precision.

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Whether you’re in the midst of a criminal case, facing medicolegal malpractice issues, or reviewing a potential wrongful conviction, our expertise can be the cornerstone of your legal strategy. We provide comprehensive services that include pre-trial evaluations, post-conviction analysis, and on-trial consultation, ensuring the scientific aspects of your case are robust, reliable, and accurately presented.


Don’t let the complexity of scientific evidence overshadow the pursuit of justice. Reach out to Science on Trial, Inc. and let us be your guide and ally in the legal process. Contact us today to ensure that your case is supported by the highest standard of scientific integrity and expertise.

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