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Our Initiatives

At Science on Trial, we believe that science, when utilized optimally, is a formidable tool that can either vindicate or convict. We're dedicated to ensuring that this tool is wielded with precision, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to justice for all.  The importance of scientific evidence in the criminal justice system cannot be overstated. However, with its power to sway judgments and impact lives comes an immense responsibility to apply it accurately, ethically, and for the pursuit of justice.

Science on Trial recognizes that flawed, misleading, or misused scientific evidence undermines the very principles of justice. We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of science in the justice system and preventing miscarriages of justice through the following initiatives.

Reliability and Accuracy

We are actively seeking to partner with prosecutorial bodies, such as District Attorney's Offices throughout the US.  We believe that Prosecutors can streamline their investigations by utilising our services to review scientific evidence and expert witness testimony to confirm that the investigative methodology, conclusions, and communication are beyond reproach. We also extend our services to defence teams, and conduct exhaustive scientific reviews of cases before they enter the courtrooms. This approach doesn't just ensure fair and just proceedings but minimises the potential for miscarriages of justice arising from flawed or misinterpreted scientific evidence.

Post-conviction review+ Advocacy

Our commitment to ensuring that scientific evidence is used responsibly in the criminal justice system extends beyond the conviction of a defendant.   History has shown that the misuse or misunderstanding of scientific evidence has led to wrongful convictions, destroying lives and eroding public trust in the justice system. We will engage with individuals who have been convicted and evaluate their cases.  Where we believe their conviction is not supported by the scientific evidence we will assist in bringing attention and awareness to the individual's case through advocacy, fundraising and traditional campaigning.  

Identifying core experts

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in explaining complex scientific evidence to juries.  We will form strategic alliances with prosecutors and defence counsel to ensure that the most reliable and independent experts are used in criminal trials and investigations.  By applying our scientific expertise to identify the best experts we will limit the difficulties associated with Coordinating and consulting with scientific experts.  Our interventions ensure that their testimonies are accurate, comprehensible, and unbiased, further ensuring the fair administration of justice.

Advancing Scientific Education

We are in the process of developing educational materials to provide expert resources to enhance scientific literacy in the legal profession. By improving scientific understanding, we reduce the potential for evidence to be misinterpreted or misrepresented. Our primary objective is to assist the criminal law profession in safeguarding its collective control over scientific evidence in the court room. This will be achieved through an interactive seminar

series, devised in-house, which focuses on transferring and applying the analytical attributes and intellectual capabilities of judges and barristers to the approaches adopted by scientific researchers, in their pursuit of scientific knowledge.

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