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Science on Trial

Recalibrating the Scales of Justice

to Science on Trial

Science on Trial, Inc., led by Sarrita Adams, a University of Cambridge educated translational scientist, is a multifaceted, advanced biotechnology and high expertise forensic science consultation company. It aims to address the complex integration of scientific evidence in the criminal justice system, catering to the legal profession’s needs.


Sarrita Adams, the founder of Science on Trial, Inc., has a robust background in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and human diseases. Her career spans various roles, from carrying out her PhD research as part of an international collaboration between University of Cambridge, and the MIND Institute, University of California, Davis, to advising biotech startups and running a clinician-patient consultation practice developing treatment approaches for rare diseases. Drawing from her combined 18 years of experience in these fields, Sarrita has embarked on a mission to elevate the scientific standards within the criminal justice system.


Based in San Francisco, California, and with roots in the UK, Science on Trial, Inc. provides forensic consultation services across the United States and the United Kingdom. Our team of scientific consultants hold degrees from top tier universities in both the USA and UK, ensuring only the highest caliber for our clients.  Beyond our educational achievements we bring a diversity of scientific expertise from academia, biotech, and medicine.  By fusing our diverse scientific expertise we ensure that scientific integrity is the backbone of your legal case. This proactive approach aims to eliminate the potential introduction of unreliable or irrelevant scientific evidence while identifying areas for further investigation to bolster your case.


Science on Trial, Inc. specializes in evaluating forensic science in criminal and medicolegal malpractice cases, offering support both pre-trial and post-conviction. Our meticulous pre-trial evaluations of forensic evidence serve to ensure that the scientific basis for your case is robust and reliable.  Additionally, we specilaize in the scientific review of potential wrongful convictions and we can assist in the full case review of the scientific evidence for appellate action. This work is vitally important in identifying new or overlooked evidence that may mean the difference between a life behind bars and exoneration.


In addition to case reviews, Sarrita Adams and the team provide bespoke education programs for legal professionals. These programs aim to bridge the gap between science and law, minimizing misinterpretation and misuse of scientific evidence in court.  We are currently developing an interactive seminar series that aims to equip legal professionals with a robust understanding of scientific methodologies and their correct application. By fostering a better understanding between the realms of science and law, we hope to minimize the chances of misinterpretation and misuse of scientific evidence.


 At the core of our innovation is the development of our Forensic Biotech Tools (FBT) platform. Under Sarrita Adams’ guidance, we are focused on creating groundbreaking forensic biology kits that will transform the autopsy process and enhance the determination of causes of death. By leveraging molecular biology, data analytics, and machine learning, we strive to standardize and improve the accuracy of forensic investigations, thereby upholding our commitment to justice and preventing wrongful convictions.

If you are seeking assistance in a legal matter please review our approaches and services by clicking below, or complete the Contact Form, and we will contact you within 1-2 business days.  

Please note: we do not provide legal advice or legal services, our practice is limited solely to forensic sciences consultation and review.

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