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Mission Overview
Justice meets Scientific Rigour

In an era where science and technology have become central to our daily lives, the intersection of science with the criminal justice system is more important than ever. Enter Science on Trial, a pioneering company dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific rigour and the quest for justice.


At Science on Trial, our mission is simple yet profound: to improve the usage and interpretation of scientific evidence within the criminal justice system, ensuring a fair and just outcome for all involved. With the belief that both the defence and prosecution sides of the system deserve the highest level of scientific expertise, we operate internationally, stepping in wherever there is a pronounced need for scientific insight.


Recognising that the stakes are high, we are forging strategic alliances with both prosecutorial bodies and defence teams in the US and the UK. Our primary aim is to conduct thorough scientific reviews of cases even before they're referred for prosecution. By doing so, we not only evaluate the reliability of scientific claims but also provide insights into how to enhance the credibility of such evidence in trials.


Yet, our services extend beyond the pre-trial phase. For cases that advance to trial, we provide comprehensive support to defence teams. From coordinating with expert witnesses to offering consultation based on the bedrock principles of scientific research and investigation, we stand as a beacon of objectivity and rigor, defending the rights of all involved in the justice system.


Our expertise is both wide-ranging and specialised. Whether it's in-depth medical reviews, DNA and molecular analysis, or the intricate realm of web/internet analytics, we collaborate with seasoned experts in various fields to set a gold standard in the utilization of science within the justice system.


Beyond our direct involvement with active or past criminal cases, our commitment to justice also drives us to support appeals campaigns. Here, we critically assess the scientific reasoning and evidence used during trials.


While our core work seeks to prevent cases from reaching court without exhaustive scientific examination, our doors remain open to past cases as well. We are committed to shining a light on potential miscarriages of justice, irrespective of the magnitude of scientific evidence initially presented.


In the intricate dance of science and justice, Science on Trial is the steadfast partner ensuring each step is taken with precision, integrity, and a commitment to truth. Together, we can redefine the future of justice with the power of science.

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